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One day this week, we watched a beautiful dusk. That was about nine (Canadian summer ‘s days are long), we looked out of the window and met with pink sun glow. Sun glow rested on houses and among leaves, with telegraph poles in the distance; this scene reminded me of a picture once I had seen. Then Mountain got camera to record this. No idea why. Seeing this I suddenly felt very happy, that it was too fortunate I could have life like this.


Recently uncle discussed education with us, saying that there are many ways which are able to make students improve a lot superficially in a short time, in order to gain parents’ confi dence, but uncle always is unwilling to use them, for they are harmful to the future of those children. In China, parents often quite focus on the grades of their children, so sometimes will be worried when they see there is no big improvement of grades in a short time. But in fact uncle knows that if there is not change in mentality first, there will be no big change of the future of the students, which is the most important and difficult. This example often inspires me later time. Every time I think about this will ask myself: you do one thing, is it for others’ likes, or really does it follow your good heart?

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