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Under uncle’s advice and after uncle Gai and Brother Hank’s training, I finally got my G2, being able to drive alone. Someday during weekdays, because of absence of Brother Hank, I went to get lunch. The whole process was successful, making me a little proud, for I could in the end be some help. In addition, thinking that I got closer to getting G license, I felt happy, for at that time I would be a real driver.


Turning over some books in school, I saw some which WE under uncle’s lead had read, for example, West Point, Book of An, and 100 stories that touch students. Here, we always grow little by little; unconsciously, something came into our blood. At the start something seemed too hard, far from achieving, but in the end, because of uncle’s education, we could overco me them. Knowing this, I of 14 would be shocked: see, what I can do now. But still, there are many things not achieved, but I was not as downcast as before, instead I gradually got some confidence, feeling that some time given, I would be able to correct them, becoming a better person.

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