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My sister plans to make leek zygote for everyone at noon. Early in the morning, we went out to cut a lot of tender leeks, and my sister also made up. At noon, I helped my sister prepare the ingredients together. My sister prepared the stuffing, one meat and one vegetable, leeks, eggs, beef vermicelli, and leek, fungus and mushroom vermicelli. It was very rich. I'm very happy because I haven't eaten zygote for a long time. My sister had a hard time wrapping the zizi, so she asked me to give it a try. I shook my head and said that I was in a mess last time, and I'm afraid it won't work. My sister comforted me and said, you are not alone in the mess. After listening to it, I felt warm in my heart, so I had the courage to start wrapping. At the beginning, the filling was too small, and I was worried that there would not be enough noodles. My sister encouraged me to say, "It's okay, we have a lot of face, so it must be enough." Hearing my sister's words, I felt very warm and relieved, and let go of the bag. My sister is also getting better and better, from the opening of the dough at the beginning to the whole package of pies that sells well. We are happy to see the huge progress. It's a great feeling to encourage and support each other. When Feifei and Zichen finished class, they were so happy when they saw that the branded zygotes were enough for everyone to eat.


When everyone came back at noon, my uncle said that the chairs hanging in the yard could be brought in in a rush. So my sister cooks in the house, and we flush chairs in the yard. Everyone took off their slippers and socks, stepped directly on the grass, and sprayed with water cannons. Soap the wet pad once, brush it clean, and rinse it two more times. Then take the sponge to clean the dirty place on the wooden chair. It's fun to spray with a water pistol and can see rainbows on the water column. When Zi Chen boiled the water to wash his hands, he accidentally opened it up, which gave us a chill. Everyone burst into laughter. Bathe in the warm summer sun and spray cool water; the fragrant grass is complemented by the faint woody fragrance on the platform. Behind the screen door, my sister was busy in the kitchen. As if returning to farming life, I feel more energetic and healthy than usual. After the labor, uncle called everyone back to the house for dinner. My sister was very thoughtful and prepared hearty cold noodles on a hot day. Eggs, meat, vegetables are all available, and then topped with sweet Sprite, delicious and delicious.

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