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We had dumplings again this Friday, and each time we made them ourselves. When the uncle told us how to make dumplings, with the continuous practice of our dumplings more and more mature technology, a person an hour about a hundred. We also compete to see who can wrap it fast, but it's a tricky thing because you have to wrap it fast and you have to make sure it doesn't break when you cook it, so every time we have to check very carefully to see if there's anything that's not tight. This reduces the chance of skin breaking.


Every morning exercise is an essential thing, but I often lazy. Because they are very sleepy after getting up in the morning, their movements are generally not very standard. However, whenever I see brother Wei exercising, I will realize that I am lazy. Because He exercises very seriously every day, he doesn't seem sleepy at all, and he is the first one to finish every morning. It's amazing. I don't even know how he does it. In addition, exercise is to do for myself, if the action is not standard, it will not affect others, but me, so you should also try to ask yourself to do the standard action.

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