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I suddenly found something interesting,that is it seems no one has ever mentioned the beauty of music.Of course,some of us has talked about all kinds of instruments,but this indeed is not directly relative to music it self.I once said I wanted to write novels in future,maybe that is because I feel that novels can express many things.Being different from articles which are often used to put forward a definite rational idea,novels can convey something more subtle.However,for the transmitting of emotions,perhaps no form is more direct than music.Due to this,it can be said to be one of the easiest way to convey beauty.So I always feel that a person who has never been touched by music must be a poor man.However,the regrettable truth is that,for many people,listening to music is just to pursue the rhythmic melody to stimulate nerves.This is of course not a mistake,but only a regret.

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