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July 1st is Canada's National Day, there is a fireworks show in the evening, the school organized us to watch. When night falls, countless fireworks in the air bloom, fireworks explode after the formation of various shapes, as if in the night sky there are colourful lights in the shining, the fireworks show lasted nearly half an hour, but we did not feel the passage of time, completely immersed in this beautiful fireworks show.


Recently, Brother Hu gave me a task (planting wheat seedlings). This is my first time to try to plant plants, seeds under the soil of the second day out of a nearly 2 cm wheat seedlings, need to be watered every day and put in the sun, wheat seedlings can grow healthy and strong. Although the last kind of wheat seedling is not very successful, but after this experience, the next time can be planted very good wheat seedling.


I remember the last camping trip was a year ago. The school organized the students to go camping this Wednesday. Lying on the chair at night, I saw the stars shining all over the sky. I felt that time was like a static general. It was so quiet and serene at the moment. The next day at noon everyone went to the beach to swim, in the water to fight each other, chase. There was even a time when Both Ko Teng and himself were trying to learn to swim. After the camp, I really felt very sad, it was really a very happy time for us.


Yesterday when we were playing basketball as a team, we chose one man to defend the other. But because of his own defense, the man I was guarding could almost always catch the ball from his teammate, so he was beaten in the first game and came back in the second. I thought I just needed to play to my strengths, but then I thought it was wrong. This is not the only time to play basketball for their own reasons, let the other team find a breakthrough to win the ball. And every time in their hearts for their own reasons, did not think of their own in the end where did not do well.

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