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This week, we began to listen to the story of Wang Yangming. Though those things had already been familiar with us, feelings from my heart still was awaken, and maybe due to my aging, his figure got more and more clear. The steps he had taken in his life all made me think; were all taken for his dream of becoming a saint. Because of this, though the road he walked through seemed sinuous, it seemed certain to be walked upon. Jobs said, an insistent dreamer, would, in the end, find all his experiences, even those failures, would be connected. I am still young and don’t know whether it is truly right, but still want to make a try.


Weather gets very cold now. Staying outside, sometimes you would shiver even with your coat put on. Looking at the calendar, I found today was Chinese solar term Frost-Descent, but after all didn’t see frost anywhere. Cold air sometimes smells like that of my old town, and thus makes me reflect that before long this year will pass, and my eighteen-year-old along with it, too. Speaking of this, I remember that it was also during the passing of the year that I came here, and it was snowing that day in Xian, snow continually falling onto my shoulder; and in the 20th summer of my life which sometimes seems close, sometimes seems far, I will graduate from here. Quickly, time is flowing away.

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