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Updated: Mar 21, 2022

近些天天氣變暖,冰雪融化。有很多的大雁都已經從南方飛了回來 ,每天早晨時不時的還能看見幾只站在鄰居的房頂上。這幾天我們再一次光臨了小區附近的籃球場,這是我們在漫長的冬天過後,第一次來到這個球場,那裏的人還是和以前一樣的多。大家開心的打球,也開心迎接春天的到來。

The weather has become warmer in recent days and the snow and ice have melted. There are a lot of wild geese have flown back from the south, every morning from time to time I can see a few standings on the neighbor's roof. These days we visited the basketball court near the community again. It was the first time we came to the court after the long winter. There were as many people as before. Everyone is happy to play, and also happy to welcome the arrival of spring.