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I do not know from when to start, backyard on animal footprints gradually many, the snow in different animals in our field of vision gradually in and out of the ordinary, darling little squirrel, sensitive alert of the rabbit, alternately together in groups, and have a rest birds stop alone....I think even if such a free country in Canada, although there is no the coveted wealth of hunters kill wild animals, but for these small animals, spend a few months minus ten degrees, rain and snow flutters the natural environment should also is very not easy, either for themselves for a cold I could shelter fossa, even bother to look for food, Put yourself in your shoes, put yourself in your shoes, and shouldn't we help out and do our little bit? At the same time, living in the greenhouse, we don't worry about food, clothing, warmth, but also don't worry about birth, old age, illness and death. Shouldn't we work harder in the future?


See before a few days ago when I watch the video about me and Tom many years ago, feel really changed, people unknowingly around are grown up, that is a head shorter than I, thin body, even the rice is no good child in this change in nearly five years is really great, now, he is not only the body is very good, even the Liszt Hungarian rhapsody, Rimsky's wild bees were flying like they were in the air. But if there is not a good environment to help Tom change their own bad habits, faults. If that year still in his original that kind of environment continue to stay, really do not know his future, and even now he will be what it looks like.

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