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上周日的晚上,在我們不知的情況下,多倫多迎來了一場風雪交加的夜晚。一夜大雪,門前擠滿了厚厚的一層雪,雪堆積直到我的膝蓋,我從來沒有見到過這麼大的雪。到了白天我們鏟雪的時候,小胡非常的積極,一次性鏟了1個半小時 ,把門口的雪基本都鏟完了,才換另外一個人繼續鏟雪。在體力勞動方面應該多向小胡學習,並且積極地處理任何自己知道的事情。

Last Sunday evening, we didn’t know in the situation, Toronto user in a night with windy and snowy. A now of the night, there were very thick layer of snow in the doorway, The snow piled up to my knees,I never saw bigger snow like this. We had shovelling snow flowing daytime. Sean actively shoved snow to basically finish snow of doorway, and changed next person to sequentially shove snow. I should study more with Sean physical labor, and actively dispose about oneself aware everything.


When I practiced English listening this week, I gradually listen understand some English words and sentences . I was really happy for myself, and I also felt happy when l was learning. Of course, all these changes were made when I came to this school (uncle here). Before, I was a very selfish when l am a child time, only thinking about my own affairs, and I never got happiness from learning, and I felt uncomfortable when I saw the learning textbooks. However, when I came to this school (uncle here) to receive education, I did not feel uncomfortable about learning, but felt very happy, and I would think of others when dealing with things. In this school (uncle here) education has changed me who a lot of the things , and in this school (uncle here) I will feel very comfortable and happy, this school (uncle) education really changed my life.

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