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我到叔叔这来已经有四个多月了,每天早上我们都会锻炼(有特殊情况时除外),我们锻炼的内容有:仰望起坐,平板支撑,跳绳,跑步等。我觉得我在锻炼这方面进步还是比较大的,最开始时,我做平板支撑十五秒都很费劲,现在我可以坚持做一分二十秒了。以前,仰卧起坐一分钟我只能做不到二十个,现在一分钟我可以做三四十个......而且现在锻炼时也没有以前的那种畏难情绪了,都是高高兴兴的去锻 炼。当然,我还要继续努力,达到更好的状态。

I have already come to Uncle’s school for more than four months, every morning we would do exercise ( unless we have other plans ), the things we do during exercise are: sit ups, plank, jump rope, running, etc. I think my endurance and strength for exercise have improve a lot, at the beginning when I started doing plank even fifteen seconds were hard but now I can do a plank for a minute and fifteen seconds. Before when I did sit ups I couldn’t even do 20 in a minute but now I can do thirty or forty......and now I’m not hesitant to exercise anymore and instead i am always happy while exercising. But of course I still need to work hard to keep improving.

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