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Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Classmates Tom and Mountain, and I edited uncle’s records of voice recently. Classmate Mountain said that these sometimes reminded him of the past, feeling somewhat touched. Not only those pleasant days during which he played and laughed hard, but those during which he felt painful on the spot but later felt lucky for his improvement. As for me, I at times recalled those who were lost in the mid way, and at times could not believe that their loss were sometimes only due to a slight deed, a sudden cowardice. Life could be so easily changed, not like what it looks like which is steady. The two tracks paralleled from the start, but divided at one point, then at last not able to see each other. Every time remembering these, I always feel that people should be more careful with themselves. Destruction does not always come like a destruction, but sometimes is just like those foam on the sea.

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