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这周,叔叔带我们到湖边野营了。营地周围是高高的大树,绿绿的,就像在山里一样。不远处是湖和沙滩。淡水湖非常大,一眼望不到边,像海一样。近处是游泳的地方,远处有两三艘快艇在开。沙子很细,在太阳下晒得暖暖的,踩起来十分柔软。沙滩外边是一大片草地,在微风里闻起来特别清香,香甜的,好像煮玉米的味道,让人觉得特别舒服。我们在湖里游泳,玩球,潜水看岩石上的小鱼。在姐姐的不懈鼓励下,我终于打破了游泳呛水的魔咒。紫晨特别惊喜 “你会游泳了!”是啊,我也好高兴。这都是因为姐姐的鼓励与不放弃,在我自己都放弃了的情况下,姐姐一直鼓励着我 “明明,动起来!” “明明,游!”。姐姐的笑脸让人觉得特别温暖。霏霏还给我们展示了像海豚一样的水中翻跟头。我们玩得很开心。傍晚回到营地,有烧烤,泡面和西瓜。这真是一次愉快的出行!

This week, uncle took us to camp by the lake. The camp is surrounded by tall trees, green, just like in the mountains. Not far away is a lake and a sandy beach. The freshwater lake is so large that it looks like a sea. Nearby is a swimming place, and there are two or three speedboats in the distance. The sand is very fine, warm in the sun, and very soft to step on. Outside the beach is a large piece of grass, which smells very fragrant and sweet in the breeze, like the smell of boiled corn, which makes people feel very comfortable. We swam in the lake, played ball and dived to see the little fish on the rocks. With the unremitting encouragement of my sister, I finally broke the curse of swimming and choking. Zichen was particularly surprised "You can swim!" Yes, I'm so happy too. This is all because of my sister's encouragement and not giving up. Even when I gave up, my sister has always encouraged me "Mingming, move!" "Mingming, swim!". Sister's smiling face makes people feel particularly warm. Fei Fei also showed us somersaults in the water like dolphins. We have fun. Back to the camp in the evening, there are barbecue, instant noodles and watermelon. It was a really pleasant trip!


The weeds in front of the door are growing taller, we are going to mow the grass! But there are still many leeks that grow out of it. So my uncle decided we had a big fight, eating pies at noon and dumplings at night. We pulled out the leeks, and my sister made up the noodles. Because last time we wrapped the bag in tatters, so this time it was Feifei and Zichen who did the bag. The fried vegetable box, take a bite, and the aftertaste is endless. Very tasty. I didn't expect the meatloaf in the back to be better. Feifei rolled out the skin very thin, and it was only one millimeter when it was fried, and the center was full of meat. It tastes like a patty in a hamburger. It's delicious. The meat dumplings in the evening are also particularly delicious, dipped in the sauce, which is extremely delicious. Really enjoyed the day!

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