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Today I read an article about the situation of modern middle school students in meditation. The article had mentioned that middle school students often get together and talk about some yellow things. After we were reading the article, I recalled the lewd article I had read before, in which people who had committed lewd sex had a very miserable end. Before I came to this school (uncle here), I was very similar to the middle school students mentioned in the article. I would only think about these things every day. Besides these things, I was not interested in other things at all. I don't know what I'm doing. But after I came to this school, I realized that it is wrong to talk nonsense about those things at any time. What I should pursue is to be a good boy and a moral person. I am very glad that I can come to this school, if there is no uncle carefully education ME, I must still be in the original environment, every day will only think of some rotten seven or eight bad things, and finally will come to a miserable end. Now I have a goal in life and am full of hope for my future. I am no longer the negative person I used to be. This school has really changed everything for me.


Yesterday when we were meditating, my uncle told us something about faces. And then I did a comparison between your old photos and your current photos. I found that before did not come to this school (uncle here) we really face evil, can not smile, and still a face. Now in the photo we are all smiling, looking very happy, sunshine.These two states can reflect the influence of two places on us, and our state of mind. What I learn in this school are all useful and are really preparing for my future happy life. Of course, all of this is to come to the school (uncle here), accepted the uncle education to change.

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