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English has always been my weakest link. When I first started taking the full English course, even the words and sentences that I had learned became unfamiliar to my ears and I didn't recognize them at all. But over time, I started to understand some words slowly. Some sentences can now be understood slowly in class. This is definitely a huge improvement for me. And now what I need to strengthen is the study of English grammar. As uncle said: "You should feel guilty for not completing the task, not escape." When learning English grammar, I always choose to escape because of trouble, laziness and difficulty. For example, when I recite a new concept, as long as my uncle doesn't remind me, I will slacken my study of it. If this problem is not corrected, it will never be possible to learn English well. The same holds true for other issues. Just like getting rid of your original bad habits, if you choose to escape because of difficulties and laziness, you will never be able to become a better person.


I celebrated my sixteenth birthday some time ago. This is the first time I have had my birthday without my family. It is really different from what I imagined. When at home, there is a birthday cake for every birthday. This time was no exception. The afternoon before our birthday, my uncle took us to Datonghua for shopping, and I bought a birthday cake with matcha mousse flavor. Although my family is not by my side, I am happier than my birthday at home because I have received many exquisite gifts and even surprises. When the candles were lit, the lights were turned off, and everyone clapped their hands and sang Happy Birthday to me. YuFei also took a photo of me and the cake. Then we removed the transparencies from the cake box to keep for bookmarking later. The cake box is a green and white striped pattern, which I left over to make a small box.

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