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Last week I and brother Hank went out together, on the road brother Hank bought us a lot of delicious, which let me most interested in is the fast-food restaurant ordering way, many fast-food restaurants are sitting in the car can order, and then drive to a window of the restaurant to pay for food, This is convenient, and now the outbreak is serious has played a very good contact-free role, very practical method. While tasting different flavors of foreign cuisine, but also admire foreigners can think of such a novel and fun way.


Go to Vancouver, more than nine thousand kilometers, appears to be a car journey, impossible but brother Hank did, brother Hank took us to Vancouver last week, although there is a help to drive, but the entire basic brother Hank one is in the open, especially at night, brother Hank constantly drive, also have little time to rest. Therefore, from Toronto to Vancouver, from Vancouver to Toronto, the round-trip distance of nearly 10,000 kilometers and the intermediary work time only took nearly six days. Such efficiency and perseverance of Tiger brother are worth learning from us.

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