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Updated: Mar 12, 2021

在家裏, 無論什麼時間起床,我都起的晚然後也很懶因為我沒有准確的時間起來准備走。這個地方更難也更痛苦因為你必須早上起很早然後做運動。我感覺我有時候想吐或趕緊回到床上睡,但是我控制了我自己因為我知道如果我不跟著課程表做,我會一直向更壞的方向去做然後把他變成一個習慣。

At home, I wake up late and is lazy to get up whatever the time it is because I have no exact time to get up and get ready to go. This place is a lot harder and more painful because you must get up really early in the morning and do exercise. I feel like I want to throw up sometimes and get back to sleep, but I controlled myself because I know that if I do not follow the schedule, I will always do the same and make it as a habit.

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