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Every night we put some peanuts, melon seeds and other food in the yard, so that the small animals who can't find food can have a full meal. One night when I was putting peanuts, I only heard some movement, and a small shadow slowly moved towards the door. I saw that it tried hard to drill out of the railing but could not find a breakthrough. So it had to drill behind the shovel at the door and did not move. This little possum has a pink nose and coats that range in color from flesh to gray. I slowly reached out and touched its head, but it didn't move. There seemed to be tears under the little guy's round eyes, as if he was about to cry in the next second. I took some bread and put it in front of it, but it just stayed in its previous position. The uncle said that this little possum came to ask for help, and he could clearly feel that his condition was not very good. Because wild animals do not easily touch humans, let alone lying there motionless. So we all meditated on it, hoping it would get better. After about twenty minutes or so, its condition gradually improved. Finally finished eating the bread and left. It's not easy for these little animals, the lucky ones can have enough to eat, but the unfortunate ones may be homeless and have no food to eat. In comparison, our human life is much better. So in the face of these small animals, we must help them.


July 1st is Canada's National Day, and every day there are fireworks celebrations in different places, and this year is no exception. So that night my uncle took us to the fireworks show. The scene is really crowded, and the nearby parking lot has been turned around for a long time, but no parking space can be found. But in the end we found a place to park. Since there were too many people, we sat on a grassy slope beside the road to watch the whole performance. At ten twenty-nine, the fireworks show started immediately. As the host shouted the final countdown on stage, the fireworks show officially began. Everyone stared at the sky, and in a short while, fireworks of various colors and patterns took off into the sky. Among them was a large green firework, which I called "broccoli". However, it is also very much like a "bush". At the end of the fireworks, there was unanimous applause from all around. But in just a moment, there was not a single audience left on the grassy slope.

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