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I read books recently when I have time. Sometimes I feel that book is a magic thing, when I don't love to read, it really bored, and it's also taken space. But when I really like to read, I really love it. Every time I when I read, I feel like I’m in another world “book’s world”. As the story goes, I will be happy and sad, laughing and crying. I feel that every time I read a book, I enjoy the joy of reading books. If I hadn't been to uncle, I actually don’t know that reading is so interesting.


This Friday is time for the garbage to be collect, and the garbage is on the road from door to door. But because of the wind, the garbage was everywhere on the road. Our own recycling garbage is blown across the neighbor's parking space. So, we decided to go out and pick up the garbage again. The process was difficult because the wind was so strong that it blown the garbage away before we pick it up. At the end, we picked up two big bags of garbage, and there was almost no garbage around us. Really, since we live here, we should make some contributions to this community.

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