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几周前,佳佳姐的媽媽。 开始从图书馆为我们借书。 阿姨给我们带来了很多有趣的书。看完這些书后,我發現很多以前我認為無聊的書其實它們都很有意思。 现在,我们在休息和空闲时间减少了聊天,去多读一些书,以後我們要爭取做到不聊天,多看書。

A few weeks ago, Sister Jia Jia’s mom. Started borrowing books for us from the library. She brought us lots of interesting and funny books. After reading the books i am now a lot more interested in book i used to think are boring. Now we chat less and read more during breaks and free time.

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