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Once uncle said: we should record the wonders that happened to ourselves and we should record the things that we want to do, we should see this notes when we leisure, this is a good reminder for us. When you don't have anything to do, take out these notes and go through them. It's not just a reminder, it's a reminder. Before I came to this school (uncle here), I never longed to be a good boy, but now I have confidence in this school (uncle here) to become a good boy.


Uncle cooked us another steak this week. In fact, uncle has a lot of things to deal with every day, and many times, even later than we eat. But when my uncle dealt with our problems, he still made time to solve them. In fact, only their own family will treat themselves like this. We are now in this school (uncle here), not only can improve their character, become good children. Can also be relaxed every day, happy life. All this is uncle for us to create the environment, without uncle we can not go abroad, can not be as easy as now, happy life.

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