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I don’t know why and I don’t know when,the memory of China seems to be becoming alien.Remembering it suddenly,I was surprised that I hadn’t recalled the things that had happened there for a long time.The things of the seven floor in Xian unexpectedly seems to be turning into simple frames, and directly remembering it my heart would not again feel familiar as in the past;the sounds between them also seems to be being lost as time passes,only some filmy but also strangely plain pieces still remain.I remember a sunny Sunday afternoon when my classmates and I walk past the the glass gate of third floor ,some people walking past us,vegetation surrounding;remember many drizzly mornings when I sometimes sit on the windowsills,back leaning against the screen window in the activity rooms and read yellowing pages of books,my eyes half opening half closing;sometimes strike some keys of the piano and then lie on the ground,putting coat over me with windows half opening above me,several drops of rain falling in my face in response to a gust of soft wind......I used to laugh hard many times,laugh with no heart at all sorts of interesting things,thinking the best happiness is such......I don't think so anymore.

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