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Recently, we started to add rules to make the better of us due to us slacking off too much. When I heard about these rules, I was shocked at how many strict rules there was. At first, I was not really use to it, after a little while, I started to realize it was for the good of me because I still had problems to deal with, that is when I realized I must go with the flow. These rules organize your daily lives and can help you get a good job and career in the future.

最近,我們這裏開始添加很多嚴厲的規矩,這都是在為我們好, 由於我門最近表現的不是那麼好。當我聽到這些規矩的時候,我當時就感覺很驚訝,怎麼有這麼多規矩?起先,我沒有很適應,但是過了一小短時間,我慢慢的明白了這些規矩都是為我們好,並且我們還有毛病要解決。到這時,我意識到我必須順其自然。這些規矩可以規正你的日常生活並且幫助你在將來有好工作,好職業。

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