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This week, we spent Lantern Festival. We had sweet dumplings and dumplings together. Now we have an amazing speed of making dumplings, nearly eighty dumplings can be made within just one hour by one person. Thursday we had steak made by uncle, now uncle’s steak is getting more delicious, and we have chance to have western every week. Such good chance is not available in China. Just joking, maybe after a while we will not even realize this!


Recently it snowed again, there are many snows on the road right now. We found many “traps” on the road when we were walking, and it’s easy to fall into these “traps”. We also found the case of that the car was blocked into snow and disable to move. Seems the snows are infinite. We never saw this in China before, the snow is even hard to get 10 cm high.

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