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Watch the breeze blowing over the Jade Pond,

The blue waves gently shake the shadows of the trees.

If you ask the true gentleman in the flower,

There are only lotuses in the pavilion and water.

蝉鸣惊夏,夏天最显著的特征莫过于它了。小时候觉得蝉鸣不止,更为夏天增添不少烦闷。即使已是入夜时分,这些聒噪的小家伙们也仍不休不止。而这时再次听到蝉鸣,内心却有一种说不出的宁静。同样的季节 ,同样的蝉鸣,内心的改变才是导致两种截然不同的心境的原因。因为自己的内心聒噪不安,才觉得外界的环境使自己心烦意乱。晚风吹面而来,迎着这自然之风,觉得这就是夏季的感觉。

The cicadas start the summer, and the most distinctive feature of summer is it. When I was a child, I felt that the cicadas were constantly singing, which added a lot of annoyance to the summer. Even at night, these noisy little guys are still going on. At this time, when I heard the cicada chirping again, there was an indescribable tranquility in my heart. The same season, the same cicada chirping, and inner changes are the reasons for the two completely different moods. Because of my inner turmoil, I feel that the external environment makes me upset. The evening wind is blowing, facing this natural wind, I feel that this is the feeling of summer.

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