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The rainy season in Canada is in the spring, so it has been raining a lot lately. One morning we went out to feed the birds, the ground was wet, and we were walking and my sister suddenly said, "Earthworms!". I looked down and saw that an earthworm was crawling on the ground. If I didn't pay attention, I would probably step on it. My sister quickly picked up a branch and slowly picked it to the grass next to it. But we found another earthworm before we took two steps, and my sister put it on the grass again. Only then did we realize that there were a lot of earthworms on the ground, but they were all so small that we had to look carefully to see them. Since it was about to go to class, I went to feed the birds first. Sister and Mingming continued to put them back on the grass. Alas, they are also poor little creatures.

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