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Often think that there is anything around the active to do, because they are more diligent than others. After thinking, I found that this is not the case. In fact, When I do things, I often aim to show myself, not to do things well at all. Sometimes I even pretend to perform well in front of others, but actually I want to show myself and let others pay more attention to me. Are you really willing to actively do things if you don't show yourself? Now think about their hypocrisy, it is really very disgusting. If you do the superficial work, rather than the heart to do it, then there is no difference with hypocrites, must go to reflect on this matter from time to time.


Often in class time or rest time we will pick up their own books to read, reading is really very interesting, really read into, there is a feeling of immersive, just want to understand what happened later as soon as possible. I remember never reading books before I came to this school. When I first started reading, even fairy tales seemed difficult. As time spent reading increases, so does understanding. It is really a good habit to read books often.

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