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Recently Tom prepare examination(The piano tem),every time finished class Tom always practiced piano in the piano room, and the he is going to prepare examination. Mountain prepare was practiced calligraphy carefully for every time. I think about myself to take exercise time, l want to laze when l felt tired. I want that l can rest more time and l don’t care about these time. Now l saw everyone to work hard, try hard play the foundation to future. I felt very ashamed, l don’t like everyone carefully to complete task of the oneself. Uncle said : difficult matter of the people is defeat oneself, if people defeat oneself, what matter was complete by everyone. Although myself complete at impossible now, but l will try hard restrain oneself try hard to that.


Recently I have seen people exercise quicker than before everyone time of the exercise ,and physical fitness is better than before. Before playing basketball time thirty minutes that we feel very tired ,now we play basketball at half an hour everyone to felt not very tired. It all happened because we were able to meditate, exercise and have regular hours at this school. Before I came to my uncle here, My body was very poor, and I play basketball with other people very tired. Now we in this school (uncle’s here) have got a good body, which school is impossible to complete in any school.

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