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The weather is slowly getting warmer, and the sand in the park becomes wet after the light rain. In the morning, after we went out to feed the birds, we went to the small park. There were toys left by some children on the sand. There is a small flat shovel, a castle mold and a small rake. At first, I squatted on the sand and looked down to find some nice pebbles, but gradually my eyes were drawn to these small toys next to me. So we used a small flat shovel to shovel a flat field and piled some castles on it. Then went to pick a few dandelion yellow flowers to decorate the small castle. When he finally left, in addition to a few small toys, two dandelion castles were added to the sand. These toys are as simple as the childhood memories, but they can fill the world with children's laughter. On the other hand, now, as people grow older, their innocence and desires grow, and they can no longer be happy and satisfied with a few simple toys. Childhood is short, and I hope we will not lose our innocence and kindness as we grow up.


We made dumplings last week. Yufei taught me to make a very nice dumpling. Gradually, the more I made it, the easier it became. I was a little complacent and said that the dumplings I made looked like shaomai, and then I watched the dumplings that everyone made together. But after a while, the water in the pot to cook the dumplings filled with the stuffed vegetable leaves. After flipping through the pot a few times, I found that the dumpling with the filling was the "Shao Mai" dumpling. Thinking of the proud look just now, I suddenly blushed a little. Whatever you do, it's best to be humble. This is the same as learning, only modesty can make up for one's own shortcomings and make oneself better.

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