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這周我和新來的同學Jerry一起做值日生。Jerry也是第一次在我們學校做值日生。在值日的時候我發現 Jerry非常積極,做值日也很認真。我感覺我做值日的時候都沒有Jerry積極,雖然我不是第一次做值日生了,可是我也要像Jerry學習去積極的做值日生。當然做別的事情,也都應該積極的去做。

This week l and new stuendnt Jerry other to make student on duty. This is also the frist time at our school that Jerry has become the cleaning person. When student on duty that l found Jerry is very positive, student on duty is very eanrest too. I feel l student on duty time all not Jerry positive,Alghouth l not frist is student on duty, but l am too to be like Jerry study go positive of student on duty. Of course do other thing, too all should positive to go do.

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