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When I was reading an article recently, I read the traditional stories about the ancient Chinese people's observance of etiquette, and what Brother Hu said when he was talking about his feelings: If we are in the ancient society, we may make more than a dozen mistakes during a meal. Hearing this reminded me of some traditional etiquette taught by my grandparents when I was a child, such as what is normal walking, sitting and lying down, and how to respect the old and love the young. But even if I understand some principles of daily life, I will eventually choose to abandon these principles when I grow up in the same environment as before. Erosion from the society, slack from myself, if the state before my uncle here continues to grow, I think I will eventually become a person who can only talk about big things, but can't really do it. Not enough people. Uncle here doesn't have the bells and whistles of Chinese schools. In China, no matter how much you learn, it is difficult to apply what you have learned. But uncle is here, we have learned to respect our elders, be filial to our parents, be grateful, learn to say thank you, learn to say hello and goodbye. Here, we learned the truth of being a true human being, and here, different from the outside, we truly feel the happiness from the heart. Although there is still a long way to be explored and improved to become a truly good person, a gentleman, but we already have the opportunity to improve, and this opportunity comes from the uncle's teaching to us.


Last week Tom participated in a student piano concert held by the piano teacher. This was Tom's first stage performance after coming to his uncle. In the performance, Tom showed a very good level of playing. The fingers slide quickly on the keys, playing a wonderful note. Looking at the figure playing on the stage, everyone can't help but think of Tom's changes in his uncle. Tom, who first came to his uncle's place, was thin, with physical and psychological problems, and his complexion was ashen. And now, with the continuous growth of his uncle, Tom's physical condition has been greatly improved, and he is no longer the boy with anorexia. Now Tom still has some problems to be solved with his uncle, but I believe that with the passage of time, Tom will develop in a better direction both mentally and physically, and finally complete his music dream with his uncle and become a real Happy people.

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