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In the past, my parents or elders always told me: to be content. But I don't actually understand what contentment is. I think contentment means knowing how to cherish when there is something good, and don't ask extravagantly. Of course this is also a form of contentment, but now as we read a lot of books and articles every day, I find that contentment is much more than that. Now I think contentment is to know how to be grateful, to be open-minded, and to be a way of thinking. When we learn this way of thinking, we will be happy every day. Contentment is not to cherish only when there is something good, but to cherish it at all times, no matter how good or bad it seems on the surface. For example, when I first came to uncle here, I would always be criticized by uncle. I would feel that it was a bad thing, a painful thing, and of course I would not be grateful at that time. But looking back now, I think it was such a blessing and a grateful thing. On the surface, being criticized is nothing to be happy about, but if we look at it from another angle, being criticized is not an opportunity for us to improve and become better. If there was no "criticism" from uncle, how could I have understood this truth now. Therefore, as long as we look at anything from a different angle, we will surely find a place that is worthy of our cherishing and gratitude.


The weather has been great this week and the temperatures are picking up, so sometimes we'll be out skating. I skated a very small and flexible board, and because I had never skated before, I was too scared to step on it at first. But after a few times, I found that it is not dangerous and works well. Gradually, I became proficient, and the faster I skated, the faster I skated, and when I was very happy that I was skating well, I accidentally fell... Although it wasn't serious, I understood after the fall. Oh, we can't be proud of anything!

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