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Sunday, ushered in my seventeenth birthday in this world. Looking back on the old days, those willful, those stubborn, those persistent. Now I can finally recognize my own shortcomings and try to correct them. Although I am not a very smart person myself, I am definitely a very lucky person. Because I have come across the path that will truly lead me to the light. Although there are inevitably some bumps along the way, it is these small stumbling that allow us to realize our own shortcomings in the process of growing up, constantly reflect on them, and make up for these shortcomings. The wind chimes in the wind rang again, and it seemed to be playing a song of gratitude. Thank you, thank you for your encouragement, because you are for me to avoid detours, thank you for the teacher's rebuke, because you are for my wisdom, thank you Everything that my parents and teachers have given me, I need to cherish with my life and take care of it with a grateful heart.


During lunch on Saturday, Brother Hank’s mobile phone suddenly made an abnormal alarm sound. Looking at the information, it was the Meteorological Bureau that warned the local residents that there would be a storm. It was said that it was noon, the sun was in the sky, and it was very hot, so I really didn't pay much attention to this matter. But less than half an hour later, the mobile phone alarm sounded again. While everyone was still a little confused, the strong wind outside the door suddenly began to hang up, and pearl-sized raindrops began to fall. Timely move things you need outside the house back into the house. The wind and rain were getting bigger and bigger, and it was getting bigger and bigger, and it felt like a heartbreak. After the wind and rain passed, we went out to take a look. The maple tree with a thick bowl next to the basketball court had been knocked down by the middle. Immediately, I was shocked. If it weren't for the alarm on the mobile phone, we would be playing on the basketball court when the wind was blowing, and the trees were all hung up. People might be blown away by the strong wind. Through this incident, I am reminded of today's China. If the same thing happens in China, there is no responsible party and people are indifferent to each other, what kind of losses will be caused?

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