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Before long, I passed my birthday and thus reached the age of nineteen. At the night of that day, we accordingly ate birthday cake, the taste of which was Tiramisu, sweet but not too much, somewhat like the sweet milk I drank in preschool. I have had many improvements these years on my mind, the most important of which I am afraid is that I have acquired self consciousness, reason and compassion; and also have had many on study, so that even in the eyes of the most industrious people, I might not be regarded as one wasting one’s time and endowment. However, but, nothing could be done, nothing could acquired without my coming here, which I know deep in heart. Without parent’s money and uncle’s teaching, nothing could be done and nothing could be acquired, which, whenever I feel arrogant, I will shamefacedly remember.


Hearing that Xi’an was closed some time ago, I could help having a feeling. A few days ago, though sometimes something doesn’t look good at the moment, they will turn out good in the end if you believe in God. For example, we stayed in China well, so there was no need for us to go abroad, but we had to because of some reasons. This was really bad as it occurred, but it turned out right now, conveying there was providence above,let alone large as New East fell down over night.

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