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Updated: Nov 13, 2021


Recently,the number of men on duty diminished from two to one, but the efficiency of us , under the conduction of uncle, got higher instead of lower. As uncle pointed out, sometimes when we feel that things are much, it is mostly because we are not concentrated and have thought about it. This reminded me of an example I casually came into when I was looking for information about Universities, which said that those really excellent guys were mostly those, who, after having planned their schedule, would seriously and efficiently follow it when they had left enough time to keep their rest enough; on the contrary, the people, who always complained about too much work and would often study till midnight, couldn’t get good grades often.


Last Sunday, we celebrated Sean’s fifth birthday. This was the first day he had his birthday here. We sang birthday song, took some photos, and then enjoyed the birthday cake brought by Sean’s father; meanwhile, Tom even sang an extra song as a special treat. After a year, Sean would be sixteen, qualified to be considered an adult on some extent. But after all, it took not only years to become an adult. So hope he can continue his improvement, thus being able to become a real adult, a man in the not distant future.

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