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Soon I will go to university alone. Things I need to do by myself are a lot, but I don’t feel much worried. I remember that many years ago when I went out to seed out advertisement for a cook, I would feel afraid even to say Hello to a stranger. It also reminded me of once a student here. She met her high school classmate in an American University, and found that her classmates’ parents also came with her. This made her realize that Uncle not only brought us improvement on grades, but every aspect of our life.


This week, uncle took us to an Art show. Before I nearly hadn’t seen any art show, so found it interesting. And later when I saw it, I found it quite different from when you see on photos, there is something when you face it directly. During the process, there is also a person who explains them to us, so I at that know that many details in a painting are meaningful.

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