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This Thursday, we ate the beef cooked by uncle. It was really delicious. Every time uncle cooked the beef, it was tender.Before when I was talking to my family, they would ask me how the food was at school. I wanted to laugh because they didn't have to worry, the food was really good. I feel that I really should cherish the time here, because the time here is really rare, there is no environment like here in other places outside, so I really can not waste time, strict with myself, not be lazy.


Recently, I feel that I am lazy when I doing some things, especially when cleaning up the kitchen. From time to time, I think it is ok to clean up not casually and others will not care too much. But then the kitchen would become more and more messy, resulting in many times I would spend a lot of time to clean the whole kitchen. I just think I should start to remind myself more now, when there is in my mind to be lazy, I should tell myself not to be lazy, so as to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

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