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One hours of last Tuesday afternoon, we could go out to play basketball, because of snow, we could’t play basketball. So we chose snowball fight. During the snowball fight everybody chase each other, everybody didn’t want to get shot at. When the Tom throw snow,he alway shot the target basically. Tom was laying on the ground when he was defending. Although the temperature is very low on that day, but we didn’t feel cold, we were playing happy.


Before a few days uncle cooked a steak for us, steak is smell good. Actually uncle had a lot of the things and to do for sometimes, but uncle will take time off to educate and worried about something for us. Everyday uncle would ask us who have some questions and things to tell to uncle ? I could come to this school (uncle’s place),Uncle had changed not only our body, mind, psychology and so on. Uncle have already project ready for us, we just need to do. Our everything made for us by uncle , uncle have always worried for us. I could go to the school and was educated by uncle, it is really lucky for me, Every moment in my uncle's house must be treasured.

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