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最近時不時腦中會冒出一個想法:以前的自己怎麼會這麼無知呢?拿書法舉例,小時候自己得了獎,別人誇了兩句,就飄飄然不知自己是誰了,好像自己比別人都強,別人都沒自己厲害。現在想來,真是有些可笑。在叔叔這裏,我們學會了反思自己,學會了從書中獲得知識,也讓我認識到了自己還有太多需要學習的東西了:書法的曆史,作品的虛實,楷書,行書,隸書,篆書,金文……練字並不是書法的全部,書法是傳統美學,是人文素養,是能夠代表中國千年文明的象征。就像每一個專業的學科一樣,還有太多我們需要領悟學習的地方。我們在這個年齡階段, 有大把的時間去學習,去思考,千萬不要不珍惜眼前我們所擁有的,因為當下的時光是最珍貴的。

A recent idea comes from the mind: how can you be so ignorant before? For example, when I was a child, I got the prize, and the others praised them, and they were wondering who they were, as if they were better than others, and they were not. Now, it's ridiculous to think about it. In my uncle's here, we learned to reflect on ourselves, learned from the book, and also made me realize that there is too much to learn: the history of the calligraphy, the vanity of the work, the regular script, the book, the official script, the seal, the Jin wen... The practice is not the whole of calligraphy, calligraphy is the traditional aesthetic, it is the humanistic literacy, it is the symbol that can represent the Chinese millennium civilization. Like every professional subject, there are so many things we need to learn. At this age, we have a great time to study, to think, and not to cherish what we have, because the moment is the most precious.


Monday, there was a big snow here, and the snow on the road was high and the knee was so high that the car was covered with heavy snow and couldn't see the car. Because I had never seen such a big snow since I was a child, I couldn't help but go to the course of the class. This is wrong, not to say that the snow is wrong, the wrong thing is to choose the wrong time to see the snow. Rain, Arthur didn't do the same thing with me, because my uncle said, "when do I do something?" In this case, there are some places where you need to think, do something, and be sure to focus on this thing, and if you do it in your own way, it will have a bad effect in a long time.

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