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Yesterday, uncle took us to the city center to watch the National Day fireworks show. Wait, wait, it finally arrived at 10:30. A red fireworks bloomed in the air, and then all kinds of fireworks filled the sky: red, yellow, Green, purple, waterfalls, hearts, meteor showers... Finally, the show ended with a swirling golden firework. The whole performance is only fifteen minutes, but in my opinion, it is a process of hundreds of lives going from birth to death. In fact, our life is like fireworks. There are times of obscurity, times of dazzling brilliance, and times of falling slowly... Now we are like fireworks that are silently lifting into the sky, trying to make ourselves better. to make a difference in the future.


With the arrival of summer, the fruit on the berry trees in the park gradually matured, turning from blue to red and purple. As early as last year when the fruit was ripe, we had tasted its sweet taste, so this year we also wanted to share it with Zichen classmates. With our explanation, she learned that Canada will not spray pesticides on such fruit trees, it is purely natural. So Zi Chen tasted a small fruit, she was surprised and said: It turned out to be sweet, so delicious! She picked a few more and stuffed them into her mouth. We joked, "Leave some for the bird!"

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