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The lightbulb in the toilet went off for some time, so yesterday my sister and I changed the lightbulb. The light bulb in the toilet is covered with a white glass cover. Since my sister cannot see whether the light cover is in place, let me see if the outer edge of the light cover is stuck by screws. I put it on carelessly, and I didn't know if it was really stuck, so the lampshade fell off at night. The lampshade fell on the edge of the bathtub, and shards of glass splattered everywhere. Thankfully no one was hit. Lots of tiny glass shards stuck to the floor, so we vacuumed for a long time, then wiped it with a rag. This time, I really felt the consequences of perfunctory, not only the hard work of cleaning up, but also the fear of hitting someone. Doing one thing, although not seeking perfection, can't be perfunctory, because if it leads to a more serious occurrence, it will be too late to think about how to remedy it. So this problem is actually a serious problem, and I must work hard to correct it.





The waning moon is gradually full and the full moon is rising,

and the past is like smoke and wind.

Think hard about yourself and live a positive mind and body,

don't miss your youth.

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