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Uncle took us camping this week, it was my first time going camping. The location was in a camping park that was near a large lake. At night, my uncle called us out of the tent to watch the stars. Form a circle around the towering trees of the camp, and only look up at the small starry sky. Without the bustling lights of the city, the stars became brighter. Maybe because all the stars are equally bright, I didn't find the Big Dipper this time. Later we got into the tent and saw a light, it was a small lantern played by fireflies. At first we thought fireflies flew into the tent, but after looking around, we found out that the fireflies were outside, and they just stayed on the tent for a short time. The tent was just right for the four of us. When I woke up the next morning, there was a lot of dew on the tent walls. I don't know what kind of bird is calling incessantly, and the sound is very ethereal. Coupled with the lush woods around, the environment is very quiet. This is probably the early morning forest. Although the tent doesn't have a bed to sleep in comfortably, I wish I could have stayed there longer.


The park near the camping has a large lake that is as big as the sea. When I first entered the water, I only felt that the water was icy cold. The wind swept the lake into small waves. As I slowly walked inside, the lake water gradually submerged my legs and felt even colder. I crossed my arms and couldn't convince myself to immerse my whole body in the water because it was so cold! But in the end, when the whole person soaked in the water, it was not as cold as the beginning. After playing for a while, my sister performed "snorkeling". It is very interesting to swim against the bottom of the water. On the other bank there is a row of stones leading to a small platform on which many seagulls are parked. There we also saw small fish. On the shore, I buried myself in the sand, which I call "sand bathing." Take a look at the last before leaving, the water and the sky are blue. Although it is not as big as the sea, it is vast and boundless.

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