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We again read our old articles. When I gained new thoughts from them, old memories also came to me. The different thing was that today I would no longer feel worried for leftover leading me to hell (for I would not produce leftover), for my random vows; dirty words are away from me, and reading has become a part of me. Under education of uncle, I walked to me today pace by pace. These articles, seemed to become souvenir, like footprints on beach, proving the trace of me.


Mountain was going to learn how to drive. Recently Brother Hank has brought him onto the nearby roads. Last year, it was a person outsider who taught me. But soon uncle asked Brother Hank to bring an old car to have a left brake attached, so that we needed no outside to teach us. I remember that when I heard this I felt surprised, but later learned that many foreigners were likes this. They rarely asked outsiders, but taught their children themselves. So I rethought about it, and found it reasonable so.

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