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Reading article mentioning the origin of the saying, “die singing, rather than live silently”, I cannot restrain from feeling admiration. This also reminded me of another article I had read here before. It had been said, that there once was a person in spring and autumn period called Cui Zhu. After he killed his king, the official historian of that time wrote what happened, the matter which was later heard by Cui Zhu; and was killed by Cui Zhu who by this intended to obliterate the history. Nonetheless, the official historians that succeeded still wrote the truth after. Cui Zhu got angry and killed the two after the first one in succession. Cui Zhu not doubt showed his power, however, when the fourth official historian succeeded, the condition was not changed. Facing this, Cui Zhu gave up in despair. The interesting is that, after all these happened, an official historian from another place came, claiming that he came because he feared that the history might have been changed after the original official was killed. For justice, ancient people can be able to do this, willing to die rather than let the evil grow, making people of today blush, making people feel admirable and the desire of nearing it.

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