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In recent classes we've learned a little title about some people who are ridiculed for being ordinary. Now with the change of The Times, our generation is more and more focused on looks and costumes, between students and students. But there will also be some cynicism and exclusion, which is often heavy in my classmates, and I am one of the excluded students in my previous school. The taste of being discriminated against is hard to get, and the students are more likely to look at each other than those who wear more famous brand, and I feel particularly depressed. Now I don't have this problem, because uncle’s place doesn't have a comparison here, so I don't need to care too much about those surfaces mind. At the same time, we have read a lot of articles, and a real kindness in the heart is the real beauty, even if it is ordinary but also shows that extraordinary temperament. So, I'm really content now, because after I came to uncle here, I really became kind.

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