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Looking at Sean, sometimes I will feel that I have seen me in the past. He is a little egoistic and skittish. Because of this, I sometimes will get worried about his future. But afterwards I will also remember that I was also like that to some extent previously. Though my defects are not totally same as him, still enough to bring many troubles to others. If I had not come here, what would I have become now? Probably the person who I really dislike. Of course, this doesn’t mean I am good enough now, but looking back, due to uncle’s incessant education, I actually get much better. Because of this, I regained confidence, feeling sure that if Sean continues to stay here, there will be nothing to worry about. But needless to say, I also need to be more patient. Had I not the cautious attitude of uncle’s towards each life, how could they, who should have been saved be finally saved.

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