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Recently we began reciting words that brother Rain had sorted out from his textbook. At the beginning of the back really feel very difficult, because the heart is always thinking there are many words to back will be very upset. But then I realized that this mentality was wrong, so I slowly adjusted my attitude and tried to calm myself down and recite every word seriously without thinking about the back. After a period of time, I found that I had recite a lot of word, and I felt that I should pay more attention to my attitude at ordinary times, because sometimes I think in my head that there is no need to make myself very agitated, just like when learning, I should have a good attitude, so as to contribute to learning efficiency.


With the advent of March break, unconsciously has come to this school for more than a year. During this period of time, my heart has changed a lot. I am not as confused, negative, complaining and self-abasement as before. Now I live a very happy and fulfilling life every day. I have things to do every day, so I don't think anything messy. But sometimes I have some strange thoughts, which I should try to suppress. At the same time, the students here are also very kind, always looking for others. Unlike before in the school, the relationship between classmates is basically competition, intrigue. Really feel I came to uncle in the darkest time of my heart is really more than a hundred times lucky.

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