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First time cooking breakfast


On Wednesday, I made breakfast for my friends for the first time (with help from Wen sister). I baked nine premade egg tarts, made hazelnut spread toast, and mixed Lotus root starch with hot water. Wen sister mixed three of the bowls. Two of them were good but one of them was too thin. I also mixed three bowls, but all three bowls were too thin. I didn’t know what to do, but then Wen sister introduced me to the life saving microwave and made all the Lotus root starch thick again. Finally when I finished, we all ate happily.



Goose on the roof

A few days ago, when we were in English class, Sister Wen saw a goose on our neighbor's roof . After seeing it, we all started guessing what the goose was doing. Sister Wen guessed that the Canada goose might be laying eggs. She also guessed that the goose might be pooping. Sister Fei also took pictures. After the photo was taken, we continued listening to class.



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