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The beginning of the next term is arriving; hearing that I had classes of writing and English, I felt very happy. Indeed, I haven’t had literary classes for a long time. But the interesting is that, though I liked those terrible internet literature very much, I actually hated the literary classes in my previous school to such an extent that I pretty much did nothing but scrawling on my book or letting my mind fly out of my brain; that only on the writing classes, did I have some spirit, though I often felt empty when I was trying to write something. So, it is very lucky that I have come here, so that I can have thus enthusiasm, and am able to taste the interest and beauty of literature. Now, I often feel that, this enthusiasm in fact comes from the enthusiasm for life and world; I want to know more, and this way, am losing the emptiness of my mind, not foolishly laughing and being angry away every day.

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