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Updated: Oct 24, 2021



This week, Brother Rain is going to take TOEFL exam. We always see that Brother Rain works very hard to study English, he memorized so many TOEFL vocabulary. Brother Rain will always handle that when we are going to talk to English speaking people. I hope that Brother Rain can get a good mark.


Recently, two classmates went to Vancouver together with Brother Hank, they are going to catch the cats which flew from China. Few years ago, when I see those cats at the first time, they are very small, like muskmelons. After a few months they had grown very much. Now they may look like dogs!



Recently. When we playing basketball, an interesting thing happened. Brother Arthur shot a ball and it went straightly to the basket. When it arrived the basket, suddenly, Brother Logan jumped and stroke the ball out!



Now, I’m going to take musical theory exam level 8. Really interesting, I was reading and studying by myself all the time, but the things I learnt is much more than years ago when I was taking special theory class. Because of the book was written in English, so, my English also learnt very well during this time, there are really many advantages to learn by reading!


Monday was Thanksgiving Day, Br. Hank made a big turkey, the turkey was uncooked, but Br. Hank seasoned and cooked it just in a short time. Tastes very good, we all had a good meal.

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